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Flask VS Django

Flask VS Django

Flask vs Django

Flask and Django both are Web Framework in python. Before comparing Flask and Django we need to understand few other terms which will make our understanding very clear.

Library VS framework

Library is less complex whereas framework is complex in nature. You can control when you are importing any method or function from any module but the control is inverted in framework that means you are called by framework.


It is a common and normal structure or flow which can be followed by everyone for development and it reduces the developer’s time.

Web Framework

It is a software which provides a way to create and run web applications in easy manner.

What is Flask?

Flask is a lightweight and micro web framework in python. It has pretty much simple architecture. With the help of Flask one can create tiny applications very quickly and it’s easy to deploy model and get the RESTAPI

What is Django?

Django is also full-stack web framework in python. It has somewhat complex architecture than Flask. By using Django one can create large applications.

Advantages of Flask

  • Once you start with small app, you can scale it in future too
  • It has few dependencies so it runs smoothly even it scales up
  • It gives user more control over their code so that they can easily understand or debug it
  • It provides API support

Disadvantages of Flask

  • It does not have more of tools that means developer needs to download/add extensions (i.e. Libraries)
  • It is very difficult to get familiar with Flask app which is of big size
  • It provides less security
  • It does not support Dynamic HTML pages
  • Flask developer need to write all queries by themselves if they want to work with databases
Flask vs Django

Advantages of Django

  • It offers MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture makes it easy to understand and manage
  • It supports Dynamic HTML pages
  • It supports excellent authentication and login feature for user
  • It has its own module (i.e. Libraries)
  • It has many predefined codes
  • It allows user to divide their project into many page application It also supports large number of third party applications

Disadvantages of Django

  • It only allows you to handle a single request for particular time
  • It doesn’t have support for API
  • Final code size will be too large compared to Flask

Which one is better: Flask vs Django?

Flask and Django both are python based web framework. It’s not about which one is better it’s about what is your requirement. Let’s say if you need a small web application then you should continue with Flask but if you need more functionalities and securities at large amount then you should continue with Django.
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