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The Fastest Growing Tech Company with a talented, passionate and learning team is here to help you grow your business

About Us
About us

We are a rapidly growing Technology Service Provider

Our main focus is our Customers’ and Partners’ success. Our visionary and experienced team turns innovative ideas into efficient products & softwares. Our well-defined processes ensure on-time delivery to our partners giving us an edge over our competitors. The most important pillar in achieving our goals is our dedicated Team and to encourage them and keep them motivated, we have set up a culture that rewards Self Development and Innovation.

Our cutting-edge services include intensive research and analysis to identify the appropriate technology to achieve best performances by incurring least cost possible. We take a studied approach towards cost, performance, feature trade-offs to help companies surmount the challenges of delivering high-quality, timely products and services to the marketplace. We have the ability to take up any product be it at the stage of defining, designing, verifying or realizing.

Our Vision
Our goal is to Become One of the Best Product Engineering companies in India
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Our Mission
At Techify, we put client relationships first. We build software solutions that help clients transform their business by unleashing hidden potential with technology
Core Values

Techify's DNA is about Solutions & Technologies

We believe that “Every problem has a solution”. Our attitude to realize a solution establishes a strong value system to always work as a team. team that strives for excellence for the customers and we do our best to be integrated and transparent enough to build this great team. In our daily routine, we live technology and co-innovate products/solutions with our customers. The heart of each technology geek at Techify consistently acknowledges the dynamic technological world.

  • Perks and Benefits
    Perks and Benefits

    To enrich our core values we focus on providing perks and benefits to our employees to maintain encouragement, security and motivation. To focus on work, one needs to make sure everything else is taken care of!

  • Growth and Learning
    Growth and Learning

    Without continuous learning, moving ahead is never possible! With this philosophy, we focus on learning and growing together without taking a break. The more you learn the more you grow

  • Innovation

    Core Team will work as Scrum Team where Team will have pre-defined SMART goals to make sure that we execute projects within the financial, administrative and project timeline goals set before execution

our founders

Meet our founders

Gaurav Sutaria

22+ years of business development, operations and account management experience. Having worked with telecom, digital and mobile media marketing for the longest span in his career with 100+ corporate clients across India, his several campaigns are recognized and are part of Google global directory.

Gaurav Sutaria
Taral Shah

AWS certified system architecture. Having 21+ years of IT experience in varied domains. Working on the latest technology, Microservices based scalable architect and Business process optimization are his key forte. An active blogger, Taral has several research papers in his name.

Taral Shah
Our History

We Are Very Proud As A Company To Always Deliver On Our Word

  • We Are Founded
    We Are Founded
  • 70+ Programers
    70+ Programers
  • 50+ Projects Completed
    50+ Projects Completed
  • Clients in 6+ Countries
    Clients in 6+ Countries
our achivement

Awards and Recognitions

  • AWS Partner Network
    AWS Partner Network

    Certificate of Appreciation for continued efforts in AWS Architecture

  • Gujarat Innovation Society
    Gujarat Innovation Society

    Awarded with the prestigious Trend Setter Certificate

  • Vibrant Gujarat Participant
    Vibrant Gujarat Participant

    Participated in Vibrant Gujarat as a Cloud Expert and AWS Expert

  • Your Story
    Your Story

    Recognition for expert speaker in YourStory event 'Techspark'