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Streamlit stands as an open-source initiative designed to simplify data exploration and visualization. With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly transform your data scripts into dynamic web apps using just a few lines of Python code. From incorporating widgets, charts, and maps to displaying tables and more, Streamlit offers an intuitive API that caters to […]
Unveiling the Crucial Role of API Testing in Microservices In the dynamic landscape of modern software development, microservices have emerged as a transformative architectural paradigm. At the core of this revolution lies the intricate web of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), serving as the communication fabric between microservices. As microservices orchestrate the symphony of independent functionalities, […]
In our microservices architecture, Django will serve as the gateway responsible for routing requests to the appropriate microservices. Let’s go through the steps of setting up Django as the gateway. Project Structure Let’s begin by organizing our projects: Step 1: Create folder of MS Step 2: Start Project and App for Gateway MS Step 3: […]
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