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To Focus on Business Goals without the worry of Tech hire, Startups should follow these 4 tips

To Focus on Business Goals without the worry of Tech hire, Startups should follow these 4 tips

Top 4 Tips for Startups

For any startup it is very important to have their goals defined and to work on the projected vision and mission. During the early stages, startups tend to find it difficult to acquire the right talent keeping in mind the hiring budget and the time they can dedicate to hiring. This happens especially in the tech department where competition for skilled talent is increasing every day. Finding the right skillset for a developer at the right time is becoming difficult as it is time intensive and costly which can hamper the project completion time and shift your focus from the main business goals and vision. To make sure that a Startup can focus on their business goals without the worry of tech hire, we are here to fulfill all tech team requirements without actually hiring any tech team. Get a readily available offshore tech team which helps you save cost, complete your tech project on time and have the best talent working on your tech project by working with Techify Solutions. Here are 4 Tips we encourage Startups to follow in order to focus more on their core business goals and at the same time, gather the exact technology support they are looking for

1. Hire Full Time Dedicated Developers

Hiring specific talent from another country to work full time for your company under your supervision, direction and time frames. Companies use an outsourcing strategy to staff their project and meet deadlines with ease. This method includes evaluating the current staff and determining additional proficiency requirements. In simple terms, staff augmentation is the utilization of outside personnel temporarily to augment an organization’s capability. Also, using staff augmentation services, brands can diminish their payroll service, recruitment, and project implementation costs. This hiring model is easily scalable, which means it’s damn easy to end this sort of partnership despite terminating an employment contract.

2. Software Development Based on Scope of Work

Companies nowadays have various options to select from when it comes down to IT Outsourcing. Organizations can outsource limited projects, one-time projects, regular management or end-to-end services. With new emergence of IT Outsourcing, all such options are available for Startups especially at one place. In outsourced software development, saving time and cost are the ideal outcomes in choosing a one-stop-shop vendor. A one-stop-shop software outsourcing company provides all the product development services under one roof encompassing ideation workshop, strategy building, UI/UX design, product development, and QA testing along with maintenance and support services.


3. Build, Operate and Transfer Model

Companies looking to get involved in the international markets are embracing the build-operate-transfer (BOT) Model. The BOT model is a form of an integrated partnership combining the design and construction responsibilities of design-build acquisitions with operations and maintenance. It lets you build an offshore team in the ‘build’ phase and put them for a preliminary test during the ‘operate’ phase. Once the team has adjusted to your company’s processes, tools, and methodologies, you can take full control of the team in the ‘transfer’ phase. BOT model gives you the leverage of trying before buying. That means you don’t need to invest much in your offshore unit until you are sure of its worth.


4. Trusted Technology Partner

With increased adoption, outsourcing is gradually coming of age. More and more businesses now outsource IT support and maintenance services which allows them to focus on their core competencies. Businesses running on complex legacy systems and applications are often overloaded with maintenance and support of software applications, which leaves them no time for development and deployment of new software systems. The only solution to this problem is to outsource software application maintenance and support to a trusted technology partner, who can provide real-time support and maintenance of systems, timely upgrades, and migration while ensuring compliance management and security.


With changing consumer trends and preferences, technology has become very significant for any company operating in any sector. For Startups, it becomes difficult to focus on their primary business goals and at the same time have a thriving in-house tech team. Tech team hiring, management and hassle-free execution takes more efforts than we can imagine. To achieve goals, success and efficiency there are numerous ways Startups can stop worrying about their own technology team and still get the work done. With tips mentioned above, Startups have been able to enhance the digital experience of customers and at the same time stay in the trend. From Staff Augmentation to having a trusted technology partner, a Startups can select from a variety of options. Contact us today to find out the different ways we can support your IT requirements so you can focus on your true business goals.