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5 Misconceptions for Startups to avoid when it comes to IT Development

5 Misconceptions for Startups to avoid when it comes to IT Development


If you’re a startup founder, the focus is always on to do more with less. You have to find a way to get your product to market quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Founders have to worry about all aspects of an enterprise from HR to Efficient Tech Team to Marketing. With the increasing population of Internet users worldwide, it has become necessary for businesses to give more importance to IT Automation and Development. To achieve automation is very important but at the same time focusing on other aspects of business are equally important. With the rise of digital software and automation engines, startups have started to develop a mindset where they place majority efforts on building a superior tech using their own resources. Not only this, there are some common mistakes noticed among Startups in regards to software development that usually result in unnecessary expenditure of both time and financial resources. Here are 5 misconceptions Startups should be aware about while developing their IT Ecosystem-

1. Technology development is the first and most crucial stage

The importance of technology in business cannot be understated. Companies worldwide are relying on emerging technologies to help improve their competitive advantage and drive strategy and growth. Today, we cannot even consider doing business without the Internet, video conferencing, project management apps and more. However, in recent times it has been seen that startups mistaken the importance for technology and believe technology is the most important and developing a superior technology is the most crucial stage. This leads to misplaced focus and efforts at the same time paralyzing your startup into focusing only on Technology Development

2. In-house technology development is the best way for a Startup

Startups tend to believe that technology development has to be done through in-house tech team as outsourcing the same can lead to higher costs, completion time, lead to complexity and not getting a product they envisioned. On the contrary, outsourcing technology development has numerous benefits which can provide a Startup with more resources and time to focus on their primary business goals. By outsourcing the IT Development, Startups can save costs and the pain of hiring, they can scale their operations as per requirement and have improved security with least completion time.

3. Hiring the best tech talent will make your software superior

Getting onboard the best talent available for your technology requirements may not be the right way to go. In today’s world, hiring and retaining top IT Talent comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. Having the best tech talent does not guarantee a superior and efficient product. In order to have a superior products, Startups should work with an experienced technology partner through outsourcing. With a trusted technology partner, Startups can build the technology they imagined with proper security. As expert technology partners have vast capabilities available, it becomes easier for them to deliver the most superior technology available.

4. Technology development should be given majority time in early stages of a Startup

The most common misconception Startups have is that with the world moving towards a digital era, it is logical to invest majority time in technology development in the early stages of a Startup. This notion has wiped out many Startups as they had spent majority time on developing apt technology resulting in less focus on marketing, sales and customer relationship. For a startup, all aspects of a business are equally important and they should be given equal importance.

5. Majority resources should be engaged in technology development for a Startup

Absorbing majority resources in terms of manpower, investments and assets in technology development can prove to be fatal for Startups. These days, a business must pivot in all practical and effective ways to maintain reputation, quality and market traction. In case Startups focus vast resources in tech development, it becomes inevitable to avoid challenges like shortages in various domains, shortfalls in achieving goals and miss out the long term mission and vision of the company. To avoid this, letting outside teams work on customer-facing parts of your software development strategy might be disconcerting at first, but missing out on new opportunities should be much scarier.


In a digital era like the 21st century, having effective technology support is very crucial. With emergence of new technologies, common misconceptions have also risen which Startups tend to follow as guidelines and in the end leading themselves into a pitfall. To make sure Startups don’t deviate from their path, they should keep in mind the above stated misconceptions and plan accordingly. Contact us today to avoid such misconceptions and work with an experienced IT Partner as we can support all your IT requirements leading you to focus on your true business goals.