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5 Benefits to Work with an experienced technology partner for Startups

5 Benefits to Work with an experienced technology partner for Startups


We all live in an era of innovation, which is famously called the ‘Age of Unicorns’. Everyone who reads tech news at least once in a while can’t help but get inspired by startup success stories. In reality, though, it turns out that building a company that will last is not as easy as it seems and stories of failure are much more common than known to the public.

Various studies indicate the most common reason for Startups to fail at an early stage is when they either commit majority resources towards building their tech infrastructure or when they completely avoid it. The ideal scenario is to keep in mind that tech infrastructure is very crucial for any startup but with assigning optimum resources. This can be controlled through working with a tech partner in the early days of a startup.

With digital initiatives, the companies where IT plays a partner role are further along in both implementation and achieving business impact. To make sure of this, it is of utmost importance to partner with an experienced IT partner. Below are 5 benefits to work with an experienced technology partner for Startups-

Benefit 1- The Value of Experience

When outsourcing technical tasks, be sure to hear and listen—it will save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Outsourcing companies have a lot of experience in managing other businesses’ IT tasks. This means that not listening to their opinions is a waste of their expertise. Omitting this mistake will save you a lot of resources and will make outsourcing easy and efficient.

Technology partners offer many types of technology solutions and can provide impartial recommendations to complement your business needs. They can even help you architect a group of solutions that work well together.

Benefit 2- Competency

Not every company can afford to have CIO, CTO,VP of Engineering, Developer, and Technical expert knowledge in-house. The right technology partner should complement and broaden your company’s existing technical knowledge.
In the fast-changing competitive world, a business should always offer more today than it offered yesterday. This includes providing new services, serving more clients, or bringing fresh ideas to life. Scaling your business, though, requires high-quality specialists capable of performing complicated tasks in a short period of time.
Obviously, not all startups start to earn money at once, so they cannot handle the overheads of expanding their staff internally. Every new hire comes with on-boarding time, purchase of office equipment, and requirements for renting additional space. Outsourcing eliminates all of these issues and allows businesses to expand their design, development, and QA staff.

Benefit 3- Time and Cost Optimization

Technology partners administer and support the solutions they provide for your business. Through association with a technology partner, Startups can optimize their time and focus on key aspects like core business development, planning and execution including Sales and Marketing. Companies don’t need to worry about the Technological aspect and in case you experience a problem, they can identify and fix it for you.
As for your budget, this means you don’t have to pay additional employees to perform IT tasks, and you’re not stuck dealing with the cost of downtime because you have all necessary resources available with right IT Partner as and when required. Plus, you can receive discounted rates for bundling multiple IT solutions.

Benefit 4- Latest Technology and Expertise

Technology partners are the experts. They have a deep understanding of the newest technologies on the market, and are already familiar with how they work – because it’s their job to know. They can easily help you determine the right solutions for your small business, saving you a lot of time spent conducting research or speaking with sales reps.

Because of the explosion in information technology innovation and knowledge, your technology partner needs to have wide and deep experience. Like most companies you probably need multiple technologies to run your business, for example, cloud services, Mobile Applications, and Web-based Solutions. Therefore, your partner needs the broad, experience and knowledge required to create a robust solution that intertwines these technologies for optimal results.

Benefit 5- Build, Operate and Transfer

BOT is an organic way of establishing an offshore IT team, by growing the team into the company culture gradually and with total focus, as the business grows and using a local service to manage local recruitment, HR policies, office space, logistics and culture. The benefits of using a BOT model typically outweigh ‘going it alone’ to set up an IT team.

Startups can defer the IT investment & decision of owning & operating an offshore development centre while getting all the benefits of it from day-one. The entire offshore team and its resources are fully dedicated to the startup with greater transparency and control for managing resources during operational phase. With time, engineers and QA become domain experts giving increased productivity individually and bringing new hires up to speed. This is an excellent way to setup an IT team without having direct overheads from the very beginning.


By relying on one partner to complete your whole project, you save time and don’t have to worry about coordinating activities of multiple vendors. The core message is that your partner should be a business solution architect, looking at the big picture, the challenges and opportunities unique to your business, and applying their know-how to create solutions tailored to your needs.

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