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Database Management
Purpose: Join is the most important concept in SQL. Join is used for getting data from two or more tables however it is observed that people do not understand the right concept of the join and they end up using the wrong join method which might result in the wrong dataset. Use of Join: A […]
Cloud Computing
Introduction Infrastructure as a code (IAC) allows you to manage infrastructure through configuration files rather than through graphical interface. Terraform allows you to define resources and infrastructure in human readable and declarative configuration files. Terraform stores resources metadata in a state file which can be used later to update and delete those resources. Terraform is […]
Cloud Computing
What is DevOps? Before DevOps came into the picture, the IT industry used Legacy Models like the Waterfall Model and Agile Methodology for software development and deployment. We all know that DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations through which we can ensure successful application of both. The main challenges in the Legacy Model […]
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