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  In the previous installments of our API Development series, we dived into the foundational aspects of APIs and explored the intricacies of API development. Now, in the third installment, we embark on an advanced journey, focusing on the critical aspects of managing and optimizing APIs. From handling errors gracefully to predicting future trends, this […]
Introduction : In the first article we discussed CICD and how to use and configure Jenkins for CI. In this article we will talk about advanced Jenkins configurations. Advanced Jenkins Jobs 4.1 Parameterized Builds It is always suggested that Jenkins jobs have one or more parameters to run. We’ll learn how to define the parameter […]
In the previous blog we saw the basic definition of kubernetes. In this blog, we’ll explore the steps involved in setting up a Kubernetes environment, installing it, and configuring cluster networking. Preparing the Environment To run kubernetes we need below hardware and software prerequisites. Hardware Prerequisites: – A minimum of two machines. One will act […]
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