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Database Management
RDBMS: RDBMS means a Relational database management system. It is based on the relational model, which depicts a straight forward way of representing data in tables which is intuitive. In RDBMS each row of a table is a record with a unique ID called a key. MySQL, ORACLE database, PostgreSQL, IBM Db2 are common examples […]
Product Development
Introduction We all live in an era of innovation, which is famously called the ‘Age of Unicorns’. Everyone who reads tech news at least once in a while can’t help but get inspired by startup success stories. In reality, though, it turns out that building a company that will last is not as easy as […]
Database Management
What is Stored Procedure It is a code of SQL that can be used many times based on our requirements during managing data. In programming when you need to execute certain SQL queries multiple times, instead of calling them you can write a stored procedure that can be executed as and when required. Why we […]
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