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What Is Web Scraping? Why Is Web Scraping Used? Web scraping is used for several important purposes, including: Is Web Scraping Legal? The legality of web scraping depends on the website’s terms of service and the manner in which data is extracted.It is crucial to respect website policies and use the collected data ethically. Web […]
Quality Assurance
Introduction of Biometric Authentication Testing Biometrics is like using special features of your body, similar to your point or face, to snappily and reliably confirm who you are. In today’s digital world, where convenience meets security, biometric authentication has become a popular choice. From fingerprint scanners to facial recognition, these systems offer a seamless way […]
Mobile App Development
Introduction to Google Authentication Modern mobile apps often require user authentication to provide personalized experiences and secure access to data. Authentication systems such as traditional username/password, Single Sign-On (SSO), and social logins serve this purpose. Among these, Google Authentication stands out due to its simplicity and familiarity. This blog will guide you through setting up Google […]
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