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In the previous article Setting up a Kubernetes we understood the architecture of kubernetes (k8s) and as well as we learned about the basic setup of kubernetes. In this article we will start the deployment of applications on k8s cluster and understand management of pods. Understanding Kubernetes Objects Kubernetes has a variety of objects that […]
The Software Architecture plays a pivotal role in the development of simple as well complex software systems. The foundation of your software and the stronger and structured it is, the better results you get when it is developed and executed as well it will help in solving technical and business challenges and ensures that the […]
How to use Terraform Meta-Arguments What is Terraform? As an infrastructure as code tool, Terraform allows building, changing, and versioning infrastructure, including compute instances, storage, and networking; as well as DNS entries and SaaS features. Why Meta-Arguments used? Meta-arguments are used in Terraform to control how resources are created, updated, or destroyed. They are not […]
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