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Providing A Wide Range Of Services For Your Business

Partner with a dedicated team of programmers, coders, and analysts to build your digital solution

  • Product Development
    Product Development

    We offer full-cycle software development services for web and mobile applications

  • Mobility

    Utilize our superior enterprise mobility solution to propel your organization to new heights

  • Cloud Advisory and Consulting
    Cloud Advisory and Consulting

    Tap into your cloud's potential for reduced costs and unmatched performance

  • DevOps and Automation
    DevOps and Automation

    DevOps consulting services to help you greatly accelerate and optimize your work processes

  • Process Automation & Optimization
    Process Automation & Optimization

    Avoid spending time and resources on ineffective procedures with our process optimization services

  • Product/Application UI/UX
    Product/Application UI/UX

    Make your product successful by giving it a flawless UI and UX design services

  • Business App Development and Re-Architecture
    Business App Development and Re-Architecture

    To keep ahead of the, optimize your company's business applications

  • Architecture Development and Consulting
    Architecture Development and Consulting

    Establish your technology stack, rank your features, & create a road map for your product's future development

  • Saas and Paas Development
    Saas and Paas Development

    Scale Your Business With Techify’s SaaS and Paas Software Development Services

  • Application Testing Techify offers
    Application Testing Techify offers

    comprehensive manual and automated testing for your mobile and web app, from beginning to end

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Keep up with the latest technological developments and continue improving as we offer:

  • Qualified & Top-class Developers
  • Promised Delivery
  • Agile Methodology
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Post-Development Support
  • Unmatched Data Security & NDA

Providing a wide range of services for your Business

Join a dedicated team of programmers, coders, and analysts to elevate your brand's visibility.

  • Web Application Development

    The web application development solutions we have created are safe and fit in with the long-term goals of any given company. Our team takes a customer-centric, collaborative approach to release value and develop next-gen capabilities.

  • Mobile Application Development

    We create native apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Android) using cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and software development kits (SDKs). Our mobile app developer's also hold their expertise in designing hybrid applications.

  • Cloud Consulting

    Techify's cutting-edge cloud and DevOps solutions seek to save expenses, increase returns, and streamline software development. Our team can foster an adaptable setting and construct novel models using cloud services.

  • Product Engineering

    We help businesses to work on their business idea, build a product and even manage it. We get the concept and assist in developing it into a marketable product and then a technical need. We know what you need and can help you find the finest tools and methods for success.

our achivement

Awards and Recognitions

  • AWS Partner Network
    AWS Partner Network

    Certificate of Appreciation for continued efforts in AWS Architecture

  • Gujarat Innovation Society
    Gujarat Innovation Society

    Awarded with the prestigious Trend Setter Certificate

  • Vibrant Gujarat Participant
    Vibrant Gujarat Participant

    Participated in Vibrant Gujarat as a Cloud Expert and AWS Expert

  • Your Story
    Your Story

    Recognition for expert speaker in YourStory event 'Techspark'

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Introduction Python is very useful for accessing web data. Here we explain how we can extract the website data and work on that. The regular expression, Beautiful Soup, and urllib are used to get the data from websites. Regular Expression We can search any substring from a string, convert the string into a list, and […]
Introduction If you’re a startup founder, the focus is always on to do more with less. You have to find a way to get your product to market quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Founders have to worry about all aspects of an enterprise from HR to Efficient Tech Team to Marketing. With the increasing population of […]

frequently asked questions

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Have questions before hiring our developers?

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How do I choose the best software development company?

Once you understand the services provided by a software development firm, you must learn how to choose the right company for your project specifications. Before committing to a software development services provider, consider the following points.

Does the software business specialize in the necessary technologies?

Think about the staffing levels of the Business. It's possible that you won't get enough help if you go with a less-than-huge company.

Find out whether any accolades or awards are bestowed on the firm. Check the company's credentials and experience to ensure it can effectively provide the program.

Which stages make up the software development life cycle?

All other software development approaches are built on top of the Program Development Life Cycle, which consists of phases like planning, Analysis and budgeting, requirements gathering and documenting, coding and testing, and releasing and maintaining the software.

Is it acceptable if I want to be a part of the design phase?

Without a doubt. Techify was founded using Agile tenets. This iterative software development method, known as Agile, ensures that the "customer-product owner" is present at every project stage.

What are Techify's most requested IT development services?

We are a one-stop shop for all your software development requirements thanks to our experienced teams in product development, Web and Mobile App development, project management, DevOps, and UI/UX. Whether you're seeking professional personnel to help you complete a project or you'd want to outsource the work, we can help.

What are the Hiring Models available at Techify?

We provide three hiring models at Techify: BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer), Time and Material (T&M), and Statement of Work (SOW-Based).

Do you provide post-deployment services like maintenance and support?

After a job is done, we still provide support and maintenance services. Some things we do to help you out after we've shipped your product include fixing bugs, upgrading the underlying framework, always keeping an eye on it, and fixing any technical issues that may arise.